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Feather Mandala 2, 2018
Photograph of Nuthatch 

Feather Mandala 1, 2018
Photograph of Nuthatch 

       Feathers is an ongoing environmental awareness art project that highlights the beauty of bird feathers in a mandala form. It is about capturing the beauty of the physical attributes from birds after moments of suffering, loss and death. Thousands of birds fly into glass windows and buildings on a daily basis, especially during migratory seasons.  Birds fly full speed into windows, snap their necks, damage their wings and obtain head trauma which often leads to death. Windows are reflective of surrounding areas such as the sky and the trees which birds have difficulty differentiating the real scenery from the window reflections. Even during the night time migratory birds rely on the light emitted from the stars for navigation but they become disoriented and confused by the lights from homes. The photographs of feathers used in these artworks are of actual birds that have passed away after colliding with glass windows. The mandala form is representative of a chaotic and dizzying effect of what the birds could have experienced during their final moments. Feathers is a critique on how the expansion of cities and the trend of glass designs in architecture have impacts on wildlife and the future of bird species. 

Fluffy Feathers, 2020
Sheep wool, alpaca fiber

Fluffy Feathers is an extension of the Feathers project. This artwork is about exploring environmentally friendly materials. Each feather is individually created using the needle felting technique using locally sourced sheep wool and alpaca fibre. The individual feathers can be hung in windows to help make glass more visible for birds.

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