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       Muriel is a visual artist, explorer, photographer and educator based in Waterloo, Canada and Augsburg, Germany. Her work consists of themes surrounding the environment, materials, and the abstract. 


       Her passion for creating and discovering stems from a very young age. She is grateful to have been exposed to various cultures and visited many countries where she discovered her love of landscapes in nature and her appreciation towards art galleries and museums. 

      Muriel obtains a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an intensive studio specialization, a history minor and also a teaching preparation specialization from the University of Waterloo. At Waterloo she peaked an interest towards the presentation of artistic content and art education. 

       Muriel is currently attending Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) in Halifax, Nova Scotia where she is working on her Master's thesis in the Art Education program under the Art History and Contemporary Culture division. Her thesis is about working and collaborating with children to make a nature inspired art project in the community. Her focus is finding ways to support children during their art making processes and researching methods in order to support children's voices, perspectives and ideas in academia. 

In collaboration with the Tom Thomson Art Gallery of Owen Sound, Muriel has designed virtual art education activities for children kindergarten to grade eight.  

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