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Today was a quiet day, I noticed many birds, wildlife and not many people. I was at the lake all alone until a gentleman also showed up with binoculars to watch the birds. I showed him the direction of the Grey Heron.


I noticed there were many birds, especially migratory birds such as the white heron or was it a White Egret? How far do these birds travel every year?

Looking downwards along the shoreline I noticed these brightly coloured algae looking plants with small flowers of both yellow and pink. How long can this plant survive out of water?


Funny looking bird leftovers that caught my attention because it looked abstract


Looking down I also found some washed up garbage, a tag for a step stool? After a bit of research Kensie makes children furniture and their products can be purchased on Amazon.

Close to the shoreline, close by the water's edge there were small pools with bubbles. I wonder where they came from? Is there life underneath?

I walked further on along the lake's shore and I found areas of the ground where there was a cracking effect. The top of the soil was dry bt in between the cracks there was water. I tried to walk on this soil, some were hard enough step on but areas were still locked with moisture so I would slowly start sinking if I did not move fast enough.

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