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Sarah Lidster Fine art, Etsy

Crochet pattern for a bed, peacock pattern.


Notes: An interesting approach to mandala pattern with a natural material (yarn, wool, string) This is a great example that shows how to cover the tiny spaces in between feathers with string/yarn so birds may not be tempted to fly through the gaps. 

Ideas: Inspired by the material. yarn or wool as an environmentally friendly option. Would have to further research the sustainability of the yarn or wool suppliers and the dyes that are used (if there are any harsh chemicals involved).

Lidster, S. (2017). Crochet Artist. Retrieved 2020, from


Arlene, artist website.


Notes: Needle Felting medium, using wool. Shows how to use a texture with wool, creating a "feathery" effect. 

Ideas: Wool would be a good environmentally friendly option. Can create gradient effects from needle felting to make feathers look more realistic also using very soft and subtle colours. The artist noted to use templates. 

Side note idea: could lead to a community project? where people can have kits to make their own feather. Then I can collect the feathers and make one big feather mandala from everyone in a public space.

A. (2019, May 01). Needle Felting Feathers. Retrieved November 02, 2020, from

Murase Natsuco, wool needle felting artist, flickr

Notes: Really like the feather design and colours. Her works include natural dying techniques. Also incorporated beads. Very inspirational style. Not too realistic and more illustrative.

Ideas: the wire may be a good solution to hanging the feathers in the windows. 

Natsuco, M. (2012). Artist. Retrieved 2020, from

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